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Let's try again this blogging thing

Helo? Heloooooooooooo!

Oh man, this little corner of my life need a little bit of life! Lots of cobweb and dust, I see.

The good part is, I'm back from the ends of earth (tumblr, twitter, facebook), with a (sorta) better english and lots of new-ish things to talk about to nobody here. The bad part is that I'm still awful at blogging *__* (There's a reason I don't have any teenage years diary, I would write for a week, and then come back 2 years later ¬¬)

My real life still is a little hectic, I'm finishing my project to get my masters degree in genetics, and soon enough I'm going to start my phD program, wich means that I'll have lots to do, and also lots of procrastination tactics to avoid doing it in a organized fashion and reasonable timing. I hope that one of this tactics is coming here to lurk on my flist and also for some fandom babbling.

Anyway, still love Sherlock, I joined the Game of Thrones madness, and recently started a Ugly Betty marathon that is already leaving me with the heartache because of the lack of great fanfic stash (man, I NEED MORE DETTY!!!).

I'll try and do some new icons to pretend I'm a productive fan and avoid writing my dissertation ;P

Rob Icons

I made some Icons from my favorite Rob Pics a long time ago and I always forget to share them. I Know, Shame on me! Anyway here it goes, enjoy!

01.Photobucket 05.Photobucket  11.Photobucket  34.Photobucket

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No need for words...

News from a terrible blogger

Well,  Ain't I such a consistent blog writer? lol

The thing is I always knew that diary/blog stuff is not for me... I'm just too lazy and easily distracted. And of course the fact that I know not a lot of people reads what I write (if there anyone who still does...) does not help.

But after some deserved vacation time for me and an extremely hard times of Robert Pattinson being MIA, I think I should address some relevant (or not, depending of the POV) about my virtual life...

1) I'm cheating on Rob

Ok, I confess... in the last month I've been dedicating myself to another actor. I like to think of him as my dirty (in a good way lol) love affair. It's that once you fall in JAMES MCAVOY vortex of charm, you are lost forever!

Is he as handsome as Rob? Not really...but, his so charming, so funny, and so talented that in my scale of sexiness, James comes rather close to Rob. I'm actually inclined to consider a technical draw.

And the truth is, in terms of acting material, James is ahead of Rob. Anyway, even tough I love Rob, right now, I'm in love with James, and that means that now I have two google alerts lol

Talking about James McAvoy, my next post will be about my "James McAvoy Marathon". I've watched most of the released movies with him (and at least the most significant ones) and I'm going to write a little bit about it... It will be more or less like a big McAvoy review... but a  really crappy one, since I'm no critic (thank god) or movie expert. COMING SOON (I hope :)

2) About going to the movies...

- The Princess and the Frog - Cute and Fun, not as Fun as Rattatoule though.
- Sherlock Holmes - VERY GOOD, I just love Robert Downey Junior! And the movie is so much fun!
- Avatar - Meh! The 3D is great fun and all, but the story is crappy, the vilain is crap, the hero is crap, and the plot is crap. It's a big groundbreaking crappy movie. And people will realize it as soon as a better, as story telling goes, 3D flick comes along.

3) About my reading material...

I've been laying low on the fanfic lately, and that allowed me to read a real book. I read a Mark Twain texts compilation, and it was WONDERFUL! I just love his sense of humor! Now, I have to read his other works.

So my new years resolution is to read:
- Any Mark Twain Book (more than one if possible)
- Atonement
- Water for Elephants (found out about this because of Rob, but the story seems to be really interesting!)

So that's it for now!

See ya, ^_^

More Wallpapers ~_^


Lately there's been lots of great photos out there, no wonder I get inspired!

1.    2.

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Hot!Rob Vanity Fair Photoshoot Wallpapers

I loved the Vanity Fair Photoshoot, so I made a few wallpapers! Hope you like it!

1.   2.  

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Rob-licious Wallpapers


Here's some wallpaper of Rob (I made then to fit my netbook desktop resolution, but they look good at other resolutions too)

1.    2.

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Like a Fenix

Yes, my journal is returning from the ashes.

Once Upon a Time, I tried to keep active... but I'm lazy, and sometimes I really don't have the time. And also is not like anyone is really reading all the crap I write... Actually I rather that some people, that know me in real life, don't read it...

Anyway, I'm back, with a new addiction mixed with some old ones. And I really want to rant about it to no one in particular... besides, it is always good to practice my writing in english skills that I still sucks.

So without any self-pressure (if that is a real word), I will try to post here more than once and twice before giving up.

-- ViviLit


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